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Who we are:

Heat Transfer and Process Design - HTPD is an Engineering Consultancy company, founded in 2008 as a "spin-off" company from the Institute of Energy and Process Engineering at the University of Paderborn. As a young company with broad technical expertise, our ambition and foresight enable us to support the industry with innovative concepts and reliable project management. We respond quickly to the fast-paced international market developments.


What we do:

The company supports the industry in the planning, design and optimization through project management of the entire engineering process chain. We also provide help in the scientific development, construction and validation of innovative, problem-oriented, as well as energy saving solutions for automotive, chemical, general appliances and power industries.


Our goal is to develop and realize new technologies in process engineering and plant construction. Our core competencies are planning, optimization and research in the areas of thermal process engineering, heatingrefrigeration, air conditioning, energy management and chemical process technology.


Our strengths and motivations:

In the previous years, our top management has been able to successfully acquired extensive knowledge as scientists and experiences as technical industrial consultants within the range of thermal, mechanical and bio process engineering as well as thermodynamic. After more than 20 years of consulting activities in different sectors such as automotive, chemical, and general equipment industry, we have gained a complete grasp over energy-saving technologies and cost reduction strategies. From product design to product development, and from process design to manufacturing of the products. We have done it all. We are capable of providing complete tailor-made solutions to our customers, who seek the realization of such energy-efficient and environmentally friendly equipment/products and industrial processes.



That's not all! Future developments have always been our business, which includes but not limited to the Internet of Things, renewable energy, additive manufacturing, intelligent network and communication machinery, fully automated production processes (industry 4.0) and Hybrid- as well as Electric vehicles. We support all these human-friendly advancements with all our strength in order to save the environment for our next generations


Our Values:

INSPIRING - Continuously innovating to lead the developments of the industry and encouraging customers and colleagues to try new solutions and technologies. 


INTEGRITY - “Somebody once said that in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.” ― Warren Buffett


RELIABILITY - Reliability is the overall brand promise at HTPD. In fact, it is our single most important commitment to our customers. HTPD's mission is to deliver value to its customers by providing efficient and reliable solutions.


RESPONSIVE - Eagerly listen, analyse, learn and respond quickly, to serve customers in the best way possible. Identifying needs and recommending optimal solutions. 


Our History:

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