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Technology consulting , product development and certification for temperature controlled incubators and centrifuge

(Eppendorf AG)

  • Concept development and engineering of products in explosion protection.

  • Concept development of refrigeration cycle with Co2, flammable refrigerants, R290 (propane), R600a (isobutane) and R774 (CO2).

  • Technology and cost analysis

  • Supplier search and management

  • Simulation and calculations of heat transfer, pressure losses and refrigeration capacities

  • Manufacturing and assembly strategy

  • Mass balance, energy and environmental calculations

  • Calculation of the total investment of the technology development

  • Analysis of markets and regulatory requirements, IECX, ATEX, CSA, UL


Test bench for the pre and final assembly of heat pumps, electric boilers and gas condensing boilers (Vaillant GmbH)

  • Definition of the test bench concept based on specifications from R&D, PFMEA, safety and standards

  • Independent execution of feasibility analyzes

  • Elaboration and specification of the criteria related to selecting external suppliers

  • Coordinate the test concept with the partners involved: R & D, quality, work safety, industrial engineering

  • Project planning

  • Support and control of the supplier of the test bench hardware

  • Pre-testing of the test bench at the manufacturer

  • Support for commissioning the test bench

  • Calibration, parameterization, function test, instrumentation analysis, documentation

  • Support of final acceptance



Construction and testing of the Joule-Thomson refrigerator (Institute of Technical Thermodynamics and Refrigeration, University of Karlsruhe)

  • Selection of 4-component refrigerant mixtures and optimization of their compositions for the highest efficiency of the system at cooling temperature (Tmin) of -210 ° C

  • Design of the system components: tube heat exchangers, evaporators and condensers

  • Measurement of cooling capacity at different evaporating temperatures



Concept study of design and manufacturing technology of high efficiency heat exchangers for domestic and instrumentation technology (Miele & Cie KG.)

  • Concept evaluation of heat pump dryers from Miele

  • Process analysis of the heat pump dryer

  • Performance analysis of various air-refrigerant evaporators and condensers

  • Installation space and modular installation capabilities analysis of heat exchangers

  • Intensification technology to increase heat transfer coefficient

  • Various soldering methods for the production of heat exchangers

  • Feasibility studies and production technologies of various heat exchangers



Construction of gas analyzers (ABB Automation GmbH)

  • Supply and processing concept (requirements analysis, feasibility studies)

  • Leadership (professional & disciplinary)

  • Planning of resources & project contributions

  • Elaboration of design concepts according to customer requirements

  • Planning of design tasks

  • Implementation & monitoring of construction objects

  • Monitoring of product development from the idea to the discontinuation of series products

  • Responsibility for change management and maintenance of kit documents



Technical advice on product development of environment friendly refrigerator (Rittal GmbH & Co. KG)

  • New product development strategy for refrigerator and refrigerant

  • Optimization of chiller and air - conditioning systems

  • Product and manufacturing cost analysis ( value analysis )

  • Modular systems for standard equipment

  • Component development

  • Ecodesign guidline 2009/125 / EC

  • Increased efficiency of the new development strategy

  • Strategy for manufacturing cost reduction

  • Marketing and sales strategy

  • F - gas regulation ( EU ) no. 517/2014



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