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Development, engineering, simulation and design of IR belt dryers for the drying of the precursors (cathode, anode and separator) in the production of lithium-ion batteries (Manz AG)

  • Conceptual design and calculation of refrigeration cycle for air-conditioning and cooling

  • Calculation and design of continuous dryers with IR heaters and convection for the production line

  • Design of IR-emitters

  • Calculation and design of the air volume for the air-conditioning of dryers

  • CFD flow simulation

  • 3D design

  • Calculation of mass, energy balances and kinetics


Studies and selection of an optimal method for the drying of the cathode, anode and separator in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars (Li-Tec Battery GmbH)

  • Study on the selection of appropriate online measuring method in the ppm range for the determination of water content in film-wrapped Goods

  • Implementation and evaluation of dehydration tests under the IR emitters

  • Concept development and design of refrigeration cycle for air conditioning and refrigeration

  • Calculation and design of the dehumidifier cycle (adsorber) for air-conditioning dehydration room, dew temperature = -60 ° C

  • Preparation of specifications for various process steps of cell production

  • Identifying strategies to prevent the re-wetting of various hygroscopic products



Development of a physical model to describe the cooling operations in the ACC facility (SMS Demag AG)

  • Evaluation of measurement data from the ACC system (Fa. ThyssenKrupp AG) and analysis of cooling processes at various heavy plates.

  • Optimization proposals for improving the quality of the heavy plate production of ACC-conditioning (Illsenburger Grobblech GmbH).

  • Calculation of the two-phase heat transfer during evaporation.

  • Calculation of local and temporal heat transfer coefficients of free, forced convection and radiation of heavy plates during the cooling process.

  • Numerical calculation of unsteady heat conduction problem.



Construction and testing of the Joule-Thomson refrigerator (Institute of Technical Thermodynamics and Refrigeration, University of Karlsruhe)

  • Selection of 4-component refrigerant mixtures and optimization of their compositions for the highest efficiency of the system at cooling temperature (Tmin) of -210 ° C

  • Design of the system components: tube heat exchangers, evaporators and condensers



Construction and commissioning of a condensation-scale plant (AiF project No. 13736N)

  • Overall planning of the condensing unit: Design of the plant cycle,  Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID), construction of evaporators and condensers, planning of the pipeline system (CAD)

  • Calculation of the thermodynamic properties: density, thermal conductivity, heat capacity, viscosity, etc. of various test substances (alcohols, Heat transfer oil).

  • Preparation of technical tender documents, evaluation of tenders, coordination of overall planners (production and assembly) during plant construction

  • Design of the plant components: pipes, pumps, tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, evaporators and condensers

  • Development of facility security system for experiments with combustible mixture (explosion protection)

  • Heat transfer and pressure drop measurements of pure vapors without condensation, single and multiphase vapor with condensation



Experimental studies on growth and product formation in red algae under constant and fluctuating light conditions in turbidostat (Institute of Mechanical biochemical engineering, University of Karlsruhe)

  • Determination of biomass, pigment, polysaccharides production at different light intensity



Development of an air conditioning system for refrigerated trucks (Schmitz Cargobull AG)

  • Concept assessment and validation

  • Consultations on the selection of measurement techniques and sensors

  • Flow simulation with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and StarCCM +

  • Experimental design, concept, execution and evaluation

  • Feasibility study of serial production





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