Technology consultant, product and process development for battery cooling systems of the electric cars with the goal launch into the series productions (Mahle Behr GmbH)

  • Investigations and evaluations of different manufacturing technologies

  • Conceptual design, design and simulation of battery cooling systems

  • Development of processes for the production of battery cooling systems

  • Creation of load stacks for production plants

  • Creation and evaluation of plans for supplier selection

  • Supplier qualification and management

  • Procurement of equipment for heat exchangers

  • Commissioning of facilities for heat exchangers

  • Preparation of a detailed technical documentation



Development of a model for the description of condensation processes on corrugated 3-D wall surface with the Navier-Stokes equation (University of Paderborn)

  • Characterization of the isothermal falling film flow upon 3-D undulated surface

  • Calculation of single-phase pressure loss coefficient in 3-D corrugated channels

  • Calculation of pressure loss coefficient and the heat transfer from the condensation of steam in 3D corrugated thermal plate channel (Turbulent model)



Planning and construction of an energy-saving house (Smart Home) with LCN (Local Control Network)

  • Project management: Project cost estimates, coordination of personnel appointments and suppliers

  • Selection of suitable composite insulation system

  • Design, development and construction of the heating and air conditioning system

  • Creation of structural, thermal, and climate-technical documents

  • Tendering and order of building materials and system components

  • Planning and implementation of building system technology with LCN



Development and design of an efficent air conditioning system for refrigerated trucks (Schmitz Cargobull AG)

  • Concept assessment and validation

  • Consultations on the selection of measurement techniques and sensors

  • Flow simulation with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and StarCCM +

  • Experimental design, concept, execution and evaluation

  • Feasibility study of serial production



Concept Study of design and manufacturing technology of high efficiency heat exchangers for domestic and instrumentation technology (Miele & Cie KG.)

  • Concept evaluation of heat pump dryers from Miele

  • Process analysis of the heat pump dryer

  • Performance analysis of various air-refrigerant evaporators and condensers

  • Installation space and Modular installation capabilities analysis of heat exchangers

  • Intensification technology to increase heat transfer coefficient

  • Various soldering methods for the production of heat exchangers



Concept advice for an alternative gas-liquid mixing plant for filling Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) (Ferchau Engineering GmbH & ABB Ltd)

  • Process and Component Analysis

  • Cost savings opportunity analysis

  • Feasibility studies and production technologies of various heat exchangers



Dimensioning and calculations of petrochemical plant components (Linde Engineering AG)

  • P &ID  flow chart, basic engineering

  • Interpretation of security, control valves (API, ISO)

  • Calculations of mass flows and Energy balances

  • Mixture equations, two-phase calculations

  • Piping

  • Heat transfer calculations

  • Security concepts and explosion protection, fire and gas



Consultation for Innovative heating and cooling system design for hybrid car's batteries  (Genterm Inc.)

  • product development and manufacturing for Hybrid cars

  • Calculation of the total cost and perfomance of the products



Plant conception and engineering of new cooling system with eco-friendly refrigerant (Lauda Dr. R. Wobser GmbH & Co. KG ) 

  • Development of new innovative heating and refrigeration Plant

  • National and International guidelines and regulations in the manufacture and marketing of heating and cooling systems

  • European Pressure Equipment Guidline 97 /23 / EC

  • Refrigeration circuit components suppliers research and selection

  • Design of refrigeration system with natural refrigerants 

  • Éuropen Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment Regulation EN 378 1-4

  • F - Gas Regulation ( EU ) no. 517/2014

  • Eco design Guidline 2009/125 / EC

  • ATEX-Directive



Product development and manufactoring strategy (Rittal GmbH & Co. KG)

  • Development strategy for refrigerator and refrigerant

  • Optimization of chiller and air - conditioning systems

  • Product and manufacturing cost analysis ( value analysis )

  • Modular systems for Standard Equipment

  • Component development

  • Ecodesign Guidline 2009/125 / EC

  • Increased efficiency of the new development strategy

  • Strategy for manufacturing cost reduction

  • Marketing and sales strategy

  • F - Gas regulation ( EU ) no. 517/2014

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