Test bench for the pre and final assembly of heat pumps, electric boilers and gas condensing boilers (Vaillant GmbH)

  • Definition of the test bench concept based on specifications from R&D, PFMEA, safety and standards

  • Independent execution of feasibility analyzes

  • Elaboration and specification of the criteria related to selecting external suppliers

  • Coordinate the test concept with the partners involved: R & D, quality, work safety, industrial engineering

  • Project planning

  • Support and control of the supplier of the test bench hardware

  • Pre-testing of the test bench at the manufacturer

  • Support for commissioning the test bench

  • Calibration, parameterization, function test, instrumentation analysis, documentation

  • Support of final acceptance



Construction and commissioning of a condensation-scale plant (AiF project No. 13736N)

  • Overall planning of the condensing unit: Design of the investment cycle,  Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID), construction of evaporators and condensers, planning of the pipeline system (CAD)

  • Calculation of the thermodynamic properties: density, thermal conductivity, heat capacity, viscosity, etc. of various test substances (alcohols, Heat transfer oil).

  • Preparation of technical tender documents, evaluation of tenders, coordination of overall planners (production and assembly) during plant construction

  • Design of the plant components: pipes, pumps, tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, evaporators and condensers

  • Development of facility security system for experiments with combustible mixture (explosion protection)

  • Heat transfer and pressure drop measurements of pure vapors without condensation, single and multiphase vapor with condensation



Planning and construction of an energy-saving house (Smart Home) with LCN (Local Control Network)

  • Project Management: Project cost estimates, coordination of personnel appointments and suppliers

  • Selection of suitable composite insulation system

  • Design, development and construction of the heating and air conditioning system

  • Creation of structural, thermal, and climate-technical documents

  • Tendering and order of building materials and system components

  • Planning and implementation of building system technology with LCN



R & D for battery cooling systems (Valeo Climate Systems GmbH)

  • Concept development and validation of the battery cooling systems for hybrid vehicles

  • Analysis, assessment and testing of the customer's specifications

  • Implementation of the Specification Reviews

  • Cost assessment of design and product validation

  • Structure of the standard construction

  • Supervision of the heating heat exchanger simulations

  • Trial management and monitoring

  • Prototype construction

  • D-FMEA and P FMEA

  • Creation of test concepts to hedge the Series Products

  • Supply Management



Development of an air conditioning system for refrigerated trucks (Schmitz Cargobull AG)

  • Concept assessment and validation

  • Consultations on the selection of measurement techniques and sensors

  • Flow simulation with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and StarCCM +

  • Experimental design, concept, execution and evaluation

  • Feasibility study of serial production



Electronic headlight with xenon, -ALWR, LED u AFS control devices (Automotive Lighting GmbH)

  • Supply and processing concept (requirements analysis, feasibility studies)

  • Updating, coordination and tracking of electronic application termin planer (TP)

  • Update and Maintenance of project requirements in DOORS, the OPL and a Project Status Chart

  • Coordination of hardware and software reviews (Design Verification Documents, discussion with the customer)

  • Internal and external coordination with regard to provision of electronic patterns

  • Harmonization of the validation plan and discussion of the (intermediate) results (both internally and externally with suppliers and customers)

  • Alongside coordination of series production and logistics in the run-up phase

  • Alongside coordination of contributions to enable the control unit by the quality assurance

  • Requirements analysis in the bidding phase and preparation of test comparisons



Construction analyzers (ABB Automation GmbH)

  • Supply and processing concept (requirements analysis, feasibility studies)

  • Leadership (professional & disciplinary)

  • Planning of resources & project contributions

  • Elaboration of design concepts according to customer requirements

  • Planning of design tasks

  • Implementation & Monitoring of construction objects

  • Monitoring of product development from the idea to the discontinuation of series products

  • Responsibility for change management and maintenance of kit documents



Interim product Development, Management and  Zertification of electical heating systems (Bartec GmbH GmbH)

  • Management of product development of self-limiting heating systems for ordinary and Hazadous application

  • Management and consulting of the product certification process CSA, IECX, UL, ATEX

  • Market and competitors analysis for North American (USA, Canada)

  • Conducting negotiations with the certification institutions

  • Product and manufacturing cost analysis (value analysis)

  • Planning and management of prototypes

  • Planning and management of experiments and tests

  • Analysis of customer specifications and standards

  • Implementation of Lean Production and Manufactoring

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