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Cooling Tower Water Treatment Plant Design

As a world class company, Cooling tower water treatment plant designs is another area of our strong competence. With the combined efforts of our engineers, HTPD is always sure of a standard and world wide acceptable design.

Industrial cooling towers

Depending on the area of application, cooling towers range from small roof top units to large industrial or hyperbloid structures. HTPD provides professional services in design, construction, upgrading as well as maintainance of existing structures to serve their planned purpose.

In different sectors such as thermal power stations, oil refinaries or even homes, cooling towers are generally used for cooling circulating water. Their reliability depends on technical knowledge applied during design and construction.

Roof top cooling unit

Considering the size and cost of cooling towers as required for a particular application, their optimization is a very important factor to be taken into account throughout the design and construction phase.

Our competence and professional experience in heat transfer process optimization enables us to design highly reliable cooling towers to efficiently remove unwanted heat from various parts of a plant or product. This is generally achieved by but not limited to considering the heat transfer method involved in its area of application.

Cooling tower

Without leaving environmental friendliness behind, we also ensure a pollution free design by applying all possible pollution correction factors.


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