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Thermal Transfer Product (TTP) Design

Over the years, HTPD has deeply accquired expertise in thermal transfer product design. With the contribution of our highly qualified professionals in the field of thermodynamics, mechanical engineering and physics, we can boast of a strong and reliable team that can give the best and highly efficient thermal product design.

Air conditioning in automobile

Thermal transfer can pose a huge challenge if not designed properly. In automotive industry, it negatively affects durability of engine as well as its emmissions. Hence, correct measures should be taken to ensure an efficient design.

Thermal transfer simulation

Different test and validation techniques exist in designing a reliable thermal transfer process in different sectors. Amongst these thermal transfer processes are exhaust system heat transfer, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, heat exchangers and battery cooling in automobile sector.

With our strong partnership with some top institutions in Germany, we have access to highly equipped engineering laboratories where most of our tests are carried out.

Thermal process in automobile

Ability to balance between cost and quality, high technical know how and a network of professional team members working on specific projects has made us stand out amongst other organisations in this field.

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