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Heat Transfer Products (HTP) Design and Manufacture

HTPD (Heat Transfer and Process Design) is one of the top companies in NRW, Germany that specialize in design and manufacture of certified products for heat transfer process in different applications. As a company with full access to world class test laboratories and partnership with top institutions in Germany, we provide highly efficient heat transfer product design and manufacture which one can always rely on.

HVAC system

With several years of technical experiance and professional contribution to solve todays engineering problems we have successfully designed and delivered numerous heat transfer products ranging from refrigeration equipments, boilers, air conditioning products, heat exchangers, cooling units, heating tanks, floor heating, etc.

Floor heating

Due to the high level of competence posed by our engineers, our clients are always sure of receiving standard designs and cost effective products. Our products are widely used and sold by top engineering brands around the globe, promising a long term useage without unexpected breakdown.

Industrial heating

As a leading company in the field of heat transfer generally, we have successfully delivered world class projects around Germany and beyond. We offer useful and detailed technical and professional solution from the early stage of project phase, through and beyond project completion. Our flexibility in implementing projects also enables us to design and construct according to our clients need.

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